About RemoteLondon

by Ian Tokelove
About RemoteLondon

About RemoteLondon

RemoteLondon is a website dedicated to the quieter, wilder side of Greater London. Places away from the crowds, where nature can flourish undisturbed. Places where you can walk and see few others.

Many of these locations are not necessarily picturesque, at least not in the traditional sense. Like others, I am drawn to the edgelands, where the city rubs up against what is left of our countryside, our estuary edges and floodplains. This is often pre-used land, abandoned landscapes of gravel pits, landfill and razed industry. This is RemoteLondon. Forgotten places, reclaimed by wildlife.  

These are also transitional landscapes. Times change. Flattened factories become theme parks and shopping centres. Polluted landfill sites are capped, sealed and repurposed as nature reserves. And all along the Thames and her tributaries, riverside wharves are cleansed of industry to make way for residential apartments, vertical urban villages.

RemoteLondon is a companion website to my other website, CanoeLondon. CanoeLondon promotes and encourages kayaking, canoeing and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) across Greater London. 

Ian Tokelove / RemoteLondon / March 2020

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